Admission Procedure

Admission Procedure / Eligibility Criteria

  • Admission forms are available at Information Desk.
  • When a candidate arrives at the information desk, the query must be addressed and handled professionally and positively.
  • The student must be provided with all promotional package (prospectus, pen & CD, brochure) along with the Admission Form.
  • The candidate must be explained thoroughly as to how to fill in the admission form plus he must be made aware of all the required documents to be attached with the form.
  • A second meeting of the candidate must be arranged with the Parent/Guardian of the candidate plus the Information Officer, briefing them about the entire admission procedure and making sure of all the required documents attached and their verification.
  • Once the form is received with all the documentation, all the forms must be filed in a separate folder, discipline wise.
  • A meeting of the Information officer with the Principal And the concerned HoD must be arranged and carried out, discussing the prospective candidates.
  • Once a list of candidates is developed, all those selected must be given follow up calls and must be invited for an interview.
  • The interview panel must include the Principal and the concerned HoD and they must generate a healthy discussion to develop the student's interest level and also to judge him at his best.
  • A final list be then displayed and all those candidates must be informed.
  • A student along with his parent/guardian then be invited to the College for an orientation of the campus and to develop a level of trust with the College.

Who can apply?

Students who have passed the examinations with atleast 45% marks.

Documentation required

The applicant needs to attach the following documents with the form at the time of submission: ?

  • 2 attested photocopies of the provisional result intimation (result card)
  • 6 unattested passport sized photographs
  • 4 attested photocopies of good conduct certificate

Once the student is admitted and the roll number has been allotted the student needs to submit the following documents:

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) for students from a Board other than BISE Peshawar

Merit Scholarships

BRAINS College offers some% tuition fee waivers for top position holders in the Matriculation exams in any board in Pakistan. In addition, a % tuition fee waiver is given to a limited number of students obtaining 80% marks in their Matriculation exams. These scholarships are awarded on a first-come-first-served basis, i.e. the first students who qualify with the criteria above AND take their roll numbers.

For further information, contact the Admissions Office.


Candidates who have cleared the aptitude test are called for panel interview for final selection. No more than 10 candidates are allowed in one panel for interview which lasts for approximately one hour. Group discussion enables the interviewers to evaluate the basic knowledge, communication skills, personality, attitude, general knowledge and the confidence level of a candidate.


An orientation program is arranged on the day of the admission test. The orientation program is primarily intended for the parents and guardians of the candidates and is conducted while the candidates are busy in the admission test. The program provides an overview of the academics, admissions, and infrastructure and is conducted by the senior management of the Institute. It provides an opportunity for parents / guardians to interact with the administration and heads of the academic departments and is useful for clarifying any concerns or procedural details. The interaction enables a first-hand evaluation of the quality and system of education at BRAINS.

Candidates finally admitted into the academic college are required to appear on a second orientation day for briefings related to academic, administrative and general policy areas. A detailed tour of classrooms, computer labs, engineering, library and cafeteria is also given to them.

Temporary Admission Status

Candidates appeared in the Intermediate or Bachelor's examination and awaiting results, may be admitted provisionally by providing other required documents of the degree program. Such candidates must fill an undertaking on the admission form before their applications may be consider for the Aptitude test. However, if a student fails to clear the examination or scores below the eligibility requirement of the degree program after the full result is revealed, the admission at BRAINS will be immediately cancelled. Another opportunity will be given to such students for re-applying, after the academic eligibility of the program is met

Deferment of Admission

Students who are granted admission at the Institute and want to postpone their admission for one semester are allowed to do so if they give an application in writing to the Admission Office. The tuition fee of such students can also be transfer into the next semester if the Admission Office gets the application within a week of the commencement of that semester. Fee shall not be transfer after one week. Students who join the Institute and then decide to leave the Institute are not eligible for any refund.

Remedial Programs

Students passing the overall aptitude test but deemed weak in English or Mathematics may be asked to undertake remedial classes in English or Mathematics. Objective of these programs is to ensure that the students with deficiencies are pulled up to meet the foundational requirements for professional degree programs and courses evaluation of the quality and system of education at BRAINS.

Special Instruction for Parents, Teachers and Students

The head of institution should get a written consent about the name of the child and that of his father with correct spellings etc. on a slip signed by the father so that no discrepancy take place in the registration return or the admission form.

Procedure of Depositing Fee

Admission fee should be deposited with authorized branches of The Bank of Khyber form be pasted on admission form.

Authority to Sign Form

Head Master/Head Mistress/ Principals or authorized person of recognized High School/HSS/College affiliated with Peshawar Board.

Warning: Many students get themselves admitted in Private institutions which are neither registered nor affiliated with the Board. The students of such institutions are private students and they must write their own home address.