Bachelors level Scholarships

BRAINS Foundation is offering 100 scholarships worth 50% of the educational expenses to the Graduate & Post Graduate students for the session 2015. 

Last date of Application: September 11, 2015

Application form can be DOWNLOAD HERE



Scholarship's applicant will be assessed by the BRAINS Scholarship Committee through a short interview based on the educational background, talent and need of the students. 

General Rules for Financial Assistance & Scholarships

  • Every scholarship awardee must sign a deed of agreement on a stamp paper mentioning the consideration of all rules and regulations concerned with the award. Also, the awardee must provide a witness/guarantor for their final consideration.
  • Students must enroll full-time to receive their scholarship. The scholarship awardees cannot discontinue their studies before the completion of the degree/program. Otherwise, concerned students will be liable to refund the scholarship amount.
  • Student awardees must follow all the rules and regulation applied on the students studying at BRAINS.
  • Student awardees are expected to write a thank you note to the donor of their scholarship and must be committed to any event/meeting arranged on/off campus in this regard.
  • Students cannot receive a combination of scholarships; however, if a student is eligible for more than one scholarship then the decision will be made upon the assessment of the BRAINS Scholarship Management Committee (BMSC) which may include students’ academic records, need and general conduct.
  • Students awarded scholarships to pay for room and boarding are required to live on campus and purchase a meal plan offered to usual boarders, with minor exceptions to be decided by the authorities.
  • At the end of each year/semester, the cumulative grade point averages (CGPAs) and grades will be reviewed for students receiving scholarships. Any recipient who does not have the required grades or CGPA will lose his or her scholarship for the following year.