BRAINS Postgraduate College is equipped with a hostel having wide, well ventilated and betterly constructed rooms having a capacity of 100 students. Students are provided with 24 hours standby generator facility, a tv room having cable facility & Internet Wifi in all the rooms.Indoor games like table tennis and carom board are also provided in addition to the provision of courts of volleyball and badminton for outdoor games. Teaching faculty also resides in hostel to assist the resident students. Full proof security services are provided to the students and 5 times a day prayers are offered collectively. In addition to the above services, mess facility is also available to all the resident students.



Engr. Haider Gul



The following rules should be followed by all the resident students of the hostel;

v  Total fee should be submitted for complete year along with the admission and security at the time of admission.

v  Students are not allowed to bring and reside guests with them. In extreme cases, guests would be allowed for one night in the guest room.

v  3 hours study hours should be observed throughout the year.

v  Gate shall remain locked from esha prayer until the morning prayer and there should be no in/out during that period.

v  Playing music is strictly prohibited in the hostel.

v  Smoking or use of any other drug, if observed shall lead to extreme disciplinary action.

v  Any student found in dispute with another hostel mate shall immediately be rusticated.

v  Making noise in the hostel shall not be tolerated.

v  Mess registration should be done at once while admitting into the hostel.

v  Any student if found directly or indirectly involved in the politics shall face serious administrative actions.

v  Students shall take special care of cleanliness in their rooms as well as in the hostel.


Furthermore any student who fails to observe the rules and regulations of the hostel shall face heavy fines and in extreme cases can be rusticated from the hostel without stating further details.