School of Education

B.Ed Bachelor of Education (1 Year )

BRAINS school of Education is affiliated with the University of Peshawar and has started its regular classes in December 2007. B.Ed (bachelor of education. is a professional one year degree programme. The main objective of this program/education is to produce qualified faculty/teachers who have professional approach in the discipline of Education. Besides, B.Ed. qualified faculty/teachers are always preferred whenever there is a demand for faculty in schools, colleges and even at university level.


Course Outlines

Training programme will consist of two (2) components.

Theory                                     900 marks

Teaching practice                      200 marks


There are seven compulsory subjects:

1.       School organization & classrooms management                           100

2.       Perspectives of Education and contemporary social issues            100

3.       Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counseling                       100

4.       Evaluation Techniques                                                               50

5.       Curriculum and Instruction                                                         100

6.       Islamiyat and Islamic Ethics. (Islamic History for non‐Muslims       100

7.      Functional English           


Methods Of Teaching

Teaching of English is compulsory for Humanities group

The Humanities group students will also choose one from: (Marks 200)


Choice for one elective subject (Marks 100)

1.      Curriculum Planning and Evaluation

2.      Foundation of Education

3.      Comparative Education

4.      Democracy

5.      Creativity and Learning

6.      Modern Approaches to Teaching

7.      Women’s Education

8.      Special Education

9.      Computer Education

10.  Elementary/Secondary School Supervision

11.  Educational Law                                    


Humanities Group

1.      Teaching of Pakistan Studies

2.      Teaching of languages (Arabic or Pashto or Urdu)

3.      Arabic

4.      Pashto

5.      Urdu.

6.        Teaching of Mathematics


Science Group

Science group students will choose two from:

1.      Teaching of Physical Sciences

2.      Teaching of Biological Science

3.        Teaching of Mathematics


Teaching Skill Development (Teaching Practice)

Teaching practice is a very important component of teachers training programme. The trainees are made familiar with various methods of teaching and with the techniques of class management. Moreover, the talent of the individual trainees is developed for mastering teaching skills. The trainees also learn about the planning and presentation of lessons and the effective use of Audio‐Visual aids for making their teaching interesting.


The marks distribution will be as follow

        I.            Internal Assessment (four lessons, in two subject)                         (50)

      II.            Combined Assessment                                                                (100)

    III.            Assessment of Final Lesson                                                         (50)