School of Quality & Management Sciences


School of quality and Management focused on innovative education, training and career development for tomorrow's leaders.


School of quality and Management provides quality education and training that enable a diverse student population to achieve its career goals.

Programs are enhanced by developing and maintaining partnership with business industry, and the community. Faculty is decided for teaching, advising, and scholarship. Both faculty and staff work to serve the institute and the community.


Welcome to School of Quality & Management (SQM), the department which makes leaders of tomorrow. Emphasizing on imparting quality education since Sept, 2008, keeping Yardstick of “We value Learning”


Affiliated with the University of Peshawar the SQM is on its way to prove the “Quality” in Education.After the successful experience in the field of Computer & IT for almost two decades, the management of BRAINS decided to broaden the horizon and put their steps into the world of management studies.


SQM took their first batches, both of MBA & BBA (Hons) in the year 2008, and after successful intake and performance, two more batches were taken in 2009 in the Morning while the Evening session was also granted to BRAINS on the quality standards.


The first batch of MBA (Morning)from SQM was available to serve the country in the beginning of year 2011.The SQM is determined to provide quality education through well qualified faculty through conducting seminars, conferences and scholarly discussions.

The method of internal evaluation has being kept according to international standards.

We believe that when the objective is positive and the struggle is honest nothing can stop the accomplishment



Research & Development Division is a major component of school of Quality and management. Its major objective includes promoting and policy research in the fields of business and management. R&D also plays vital role in meeting individuals and organization needs by the offering short term courses. It also plans and organizes internship training for SQM students within various organizations of repute.