Pro-Rector Message

Pro-Rector Message

Dr. Hameed Ullah Khan Afridi

The BRAINS Institute, Peshawar is a dynamic institute of the KPK. Over the years, the BRAINS Institute has established a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and service to the local, national, and international communities. The BRAINS Institute has some of the most highly regarded schools and laboratories where exciting research in innovative technology continues to attract students from all over the world. Also, our graduates are sought after by both private industry and government agencies. Many of our graduates continue to be accepted into top graduate programs in the nation. Many our graduates have migrated to leadership positions all over the world.

The BRAINS Institute continues to attract and hire outstanding faculty members, in critically important fields such as computer, management and engineering. We put a special emphasis in our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. We are continually improving our laboratories, curriculum and advising programs. We are establishing new mentoring and research programs for undergraduates, and we are working on developing better relationships with local and national industries.

This prospectus contains a listing of courses designed for a four-year curriculum and a few other resources that you should find very useful. This prospectus does not provide a complete guide to information you need for your day-to-day stay here at Brains. You will be assigned an academic advisor shortly after registration and you should make a point to visit with your advisor as often as possible. You should meet with your advisor at least 3 times per semester for academic matters relating to your courses and career objectives.

The BRAINS Institute faculty and staff are committed to continuous improvement of our program. We encourage your comments on all aspects of our program. We are particularly interested in comments regarding program educational objectives, learning outcomes and the curriculum.