BBA (Hons)

The BBA learning goals specify the intellectual and behavioral competencies that graduates should possess and what provide a foundation for their future professional and personal development and success.

Curriculum Structure
Duration4 years
Core Courses36
Elective Courses6
Project6 Credit Hours
Total Courses + Project44
Total Credit Hours132


1Principle of Management3MGT111
2Introduction to Business3MGT112
3Business English3HUM111
4Pakistan Study3HUM112
5Islamyat / Ethics3HUM113
6Micro Economics3ECO111
7Principle of Accounting3ACC121
8Business Communication3HUM124HUM111
10Business Mathematics3MTH121
11Introduction to Human Resource Management3MGT122MGT111
12Principle of Marketing3MKT231
13Introduction to Sociology3HUM231
14Introduction of Statistics3MTH232MTH121
15Computer Applications I3CSC231
16Business Finance3FIN231
17Marketing Management3MKT242MKT231
18Logic & Critical Thinking3LCT241
19Corporate Law3LAW241
20Financial Accounting3ACC242ACC121
21Money Banking & Finance3FIN242FIN231
22Organization Theory and Behaviors3MGT351
23Small Business Management3MGT352
24Business Research Methods3MGT353
25Strategic Management3MGT354
26Computer Application II3CSC351CSC231
28Management Information System3MIS361CSC351
29Cost Accounting3ACC361ACC242
30Operation & Production Management3MGT366
31International Business Ethics3IBE361
32Managerial Economics3ECO564ECO112
33Financial Management3FIN330FIN242
34Supply Chain Management3MGT474
35Project Management3CSC373
36Quantitative Techniques in Management3QTM565
1Financial Risk Management3
2Corporate Finance3
3Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management3
4Islamic Banking and Finance3
5Management Accounting3
6Financial Statement Analysis3
7Advance Financial Management3
8Commercial Banking3
9International Financial Institutions3


1Sales Management3
2Brand Management3
3Advertising and Promotional Strategies3
4International Marketing3
5Marketing Research3
6Social Marketing3
7International Marketing3
8Service Marketing3
9Strategic Marketing3
1Conflict Management3
3Training and Development3
4Performance and Compensation Management3
5Industrial Relation3
6Organizational Development3
7Human Resource Development3
8Strategic Human Resource Management3
9Employee Relation Management3

Semester 01

1Principle of Management3MGT111
2Introduction to Business3MGT112
3Business English3HUM111
4Pakistan Study3HUM112
5Islamyat / Ethics3HUM113
6Micro Economics3ECO111

Semester 02

1Principle of Accounting3ACC121
2Business Communication3HUM124HUM111
4Business Mathematics3MTH121
5Introduction to Human Resource Management3MGT123MGT111

Semester 03

1Principle of Marketing3MKT231
2Introduction to Sociology3HUM235
3Introduction of Statistics3MTH232MTH121
4Computer Applications I3CSC231
5Business Finance3FIN231

Semester 04

1Marketing Management3MKT242MKT231
2Logic & Critical Thinking3LCT241
3Corporate Law3LAW241
4Financial Accounting3ACC242ACC121
5Money Banking & Finance3FIN242FIN231

Semester 05

1Organization Theory and Behaviors3MGT351
2Small Business Management3MGT352
3Business Research Methods3MGT353
4Strategic Management3MGT354
5Computer Application II3CSC351CSC231

Semester 06

2Management Information System3MIS361CSC351
3Cost Accounting3ACC361ACC242
4Operation & Production Management3MGT366
5International Business Ethics3IBE361

Semester 07

1Managerial Economics3ECO473ECO122
2Financial Management3FIN471FIN242
3Supply Chain Management3MGT477
4Elective I3
5Elective II3
6Elective III3

Semester 08

1Project Management3MGT488
2Quantitative Techniques in Management3MGT489
3Elective IV3
4Elective V3
5Elective VI3
6Decertation / Project6

Accordion Content

Candidates must fulfill the following conditions:

  • SSC/ O-Level/ Equivalent certificate with 45% marks
  • FA/FSc with minimum 45% overall marks (Part-1 and Part-2 combined)
  • Result awaiting students can apply but if their result is failure or less than 45% will be rejected
  • Age Limit: 24 Years
  • Attested copy of SSC DMC.
  • Attested copy of FSC DMC (Surity Certificate for Result awaiting students).
  • 2 Passport size picture.
  • CNIC copy.
Opening date of Admissions:17-July-2017
Closing date of Admissions:27-Oct-2017
Commencement of Classes:02-Oct-2017

BRAINS in collaboration with FUTURE TRUST and other organizations offers scholarships worth 1.5 million for candidates belonging to all sections of the society and particularly those hailing from remote / backward areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa under various categories which include;

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Hafiz e Quran
  • Teachers Sons
  • Sports
  • Defence Personal’s Sons/Wards
  • Zakat




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