BS Computer Science (4 Year)

The mission of the CS program is to provide high quality education in computer science that prepares students for professional careers and lifelong learning in developing / managing computational processes and systems, with emphasis on systems automation, information management, management of IT infrastructure and Intelligent Systems.

Semester 1Course CodePre-RequisitesSubjectsTypeCredit Hrs
 CMC111Programming FundamentalsComputing Core3+1
 CMC112Discrete StructuresComputing Core3
SSC111Calculus & Analytic GeometrySupporting Sciences Core3
GED111Introduction to information & Communication TechnologyGeneral Education Core2+1
GED112English – I (Eng Composition & Comprehension )General Education Core3
GED113Islamic StudiesGeneral Education Core2
   Total Credit Hours18
Semester 2 CMC123 CMC111Object Oriented Programming (C++)Computing Core3+1
SSC122Linear AlgebraSupporting Sciences Core3
GED124Technical and Business WritingGeneral Education Core3
SSC123Basic ElectronicsSupporting Sciences Core2+1
GED125Pakistan StudiesGeneral Education Core2
 Total Credit Hours15
Semester 3 CMC231 CMC123Data Structure & AlgorithmsComputing Core3+1
 CMC232Digital Logic & DesignComputing Core3+1
SSC231Probability & StatisticsSupporting Sciences Core3
XXX231Institute Elective-IInstitute Elective-I3
ADC231Advanced Calculus Supporting Sciences Elective-I3
 Total Credit Hours17
Semester 4CSC241 CMC232Computer Architecture & OrganizationCS Core3
 CMC243Introduction to Database SystemsComputing Core3+1
GED241Communication SkillsGeneral Education3
CMC244 CMC231Operating SystemComputing Core3+1
XXX242Institute Elective-IIInstitute Elective-II3
 Total Credit Hours17
Semester 5CSC351 CMC231Design & Analysis of AlgorithmsCS Core3
CMC351Data Communication & Computer NetworksComputing Core3+1
CSC352Theory of AutomataCS Core3
CMC352 CMC123Software EngineeringComputing Core3
CSC353 CMC232Microprocessor & Assembly LanguageCS Core2+1
 Total Credit Hours16
Semester 6XXX361Institute Elective-IIIInstitute Elective-III3
CSC364 CMC231Artificial Intelligence CS Core2+1
XXX361Wireless Networks (CS Elective-I)CS Elective-I3
XXX361Supporting Sciences Elective-IISupporting Sciences Elective-II3
DMG362 CMC243Data Mining CS Elective-II3
 Supporting Sciences Elective-IIISupporting Sciences Elective-III3
 Total Credit Hours18
Semester 7CSC471CSC352Compiler Construction CS Core2+1
GED471Professional PracticesGeneral Education Core3
XXX471CS Elective-IIICS Elective-III3
CSC472CMC351Information SecurityCS Core3
 Final Year Project (FYP)Computing Core3
 XXX471Institute Elective-IVInstitute Elective-IV3
 Total Credit Hours18
Semester 8XXX482CS Elective-IVCS Elective-IV3
XXX483CS Elective-VCS Elective-V3
XXX484CS Elective-VICS Elective-VI3
FYP481Final Year Project (FYP)Computing Core3
 Total Credit Hours12
  Total Credit Hours for the Completion of Program:  131

Total number of semesters: Eight (8)
Total Credit Hours: 131 Credit Hours
Computer Courses : 40 Credit Hours
Computing Supporting Sciences: 21 Credit Hours
CS Courses: 19 Credit Hours
General Education Core: 19 Credit Hours
Institute Electives: 12 Credit Hours
Accredited & Recognized by: NTC & HEC Program

Intermediate (Pre-Engineering or FCS or Intermediate with Maths/Statistics ) or equivalent (‘A’ Level) with minimum 50% marks.

Attested copy of SSC DMC

Attested copy of FSC DMC (Surity Certificate for Result awaiting students).

2 Passport size picture.

CNIC copy.

BRAINS in collaboration with FUTURE TRUST and other organizations offers scholarships worth 1.5 million for candidates belonging to all sections of the society and particularly those hailing from remote / backward areas of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa under various categories which include;

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Hafiz e Quran
  • Teachers Sons
  • Sports
  • Defence Personal’s Sons/Wards
  • Zakat