To provide peaceful learning experience to our out station students from FATA and other districts, BRAINS Institute provides well equipped hostel facilities, of spacious, well ventilated and aesthetically constructed facilitiesfaci. In these facilities students are also provided a TV room having cable facility for rest and recreation.

The facilities are in immediate vicinity of the college. Additionally, a Hostel warden also resides in hostel to assist the resident students. Every effort is made for Fool proof security and facilitation services are provided to the students.. In addition to the above services, mess facility is also available to all the resident students. Outdoor sports facilities are provided in partnership with Peshawar University. University grounds and courts are available to BRAINS’ students round the clock.


  • Students are responsible to maintain the decorum of the Hostel as a peaceful and respectable location for pursuit of education in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere, therefore the following rules should be followed by all the resident students of the hostel;
  • Hostel fee should be submitted for complete year along with the admission and security at the time of admission. Any installments are permissible only with post paid cheques of the due amount due before (fifteen days) of the final exam of the student.
  • No loitering by outsiders is allowed and Students are not allowed to bring and reside guests with them. In extreme cases, guests would be allowed for one night only in the guest room, with prior permission of the Warden only.
  • A minimum3 hours study/ day should be observed throughout the year, except holidays or relaxed by the Warden to 2 hours for senior students only.
  • Gate shall remain locked from Isha prayers until the Fajr (Morning) Prayer and there should be no in/out during that period, except for emergencies with permission of the hostel authorities.
  • Any indecent exposure/ behavior or Playing loud music etc is strictly prohibited in the hostel rooms.
  • Smoking or use of any other drug will lead to extreme disciplinary action including expulsion.
  • Any student found in dispute with another hostel mate shall immediately be refered to the Warden for adjudication and offenders with rowdy behavior will be penalized/ rusticated.
  • Making noise in the hostel shall not be tolerated and offenders with rowdy behavior will be penalized/ rusticated.
  • Mess registration should be done at once while admitting into the hostel.
  • Any student if found directly or indirectly involved in the petty politics shall face serious administrative actions and will be penalized/ rusticated.
  • Students living in the hostel will be required to do social work activities for the local area/ community, without exceptions including tution to poor, elderly care/ first aid and or fund raising for Endowmwnt, as per agreed plan.
  • Students living in the hostel will be required to do planning and execution of hostel management reponsibilities, without exceptions, including proctoral and mess secretary.
  • Students shall take special care of cleanliness in their rooms as well as in the hostel premises, without waiting for the janitors and or sweepers.
  • Since Institute spends resources on establishing and managing these hostel facilities, any student desirous of leaving Hostel facilities during the year will be charged atleast 50% of the remaining period rental. Furthermore, any leaving request will be atleast one month in advance of the exit.
  • Any student who fails to observe the rules and regulations of the hostel shall face heavy fines and in extreme cases can be rusticated from the hostel or even Institute/ college without stating further details.
  • Each student desirous of the hostel accommodation will read and sign the Hostel Residence Agreement and additionally provide a parental/ guarantor signature.