Intermediate Program

The BRAINS College offers following Intermediate Programs:
1. F.Sc

• F.Sc Pre-Medical (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
• F.Sc Pre-Engineering (Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics)

2. IT/CS Programs
• FCS (Physics/ Computer Science/ Mathematics)

3. Business Administration
• D.Com

4. Technology
• DAECivil
• DAE Electrical
• DAE Petroleum

5. FA Humanities
• FA Humanities (Physics I Islamic Studies/ History)
• FA General Sciences (Library Sciences/ Civics, Islamic History)
• FA Theology (Urdu/ English Advance, Civics, Islamic History/Law)

Candidates must have passed SSC (Matric)/ O level examination with at least 2nd Division

•Pre-Board examination is held about four weeks prior the last date fixed by the Board for receipt of examination forms with double fee

•All students including those who qualify the screening test are supposed to take the examinations.

•Admission forms of students who fail in a maximum of two subjects, but secure at least 30% marks in the subject they failed and yet manage to secure 40% marks in aggregate are sent to the Rules for Conduct of Examinations.

  • Those who want to migrate to other college in the first year, shall be liable to pay the whole year dues for whole year.
  • In case of migration in second year, the candidate shall be liable to clear all the dues till the date signature of migration form.
  • The scholarship holders would be liable to return all the college dues in case of migration.
  • No Migration is allowed in case of DAE.