No Institution can function effectively with out Adequate Library Facilities. Books Magazines, journals and other Reading Materials are required to support the class room activities and thus a library play and important role in the dissemination of information and its retrieval. The Brain Post Graduatae College Library was established in 1993 and the total number of books was 3680, in the disciplilne of computer science , managemnte science , islamiyat urdu and text books . With the passage of time books wer Added to the library from time to time and now the total number of books at present stands at 9390 in the following discipline

1: Accounting
3:computer science
6:Electrical&civil Engineering
9:Management scinecs
10:Islam &other General Books Five computer sets are available in the library Internet and digital library facilities have also been provided to the students and staff to get latest infomaition related to the field of their disciplines Data based for the Library has prepared and all the books are computerized in the data base for easy and quick approach of the library users.

Periodicals and News Papers

The following magazines are subscribed and received regularly in the LIBRARY 1: AURORA Bi monthly 2: HERALD Monthly 3: SPIDER monthly

Complementary/ Exchange

The Putra Earth Matter Expert News Business WORLD The Fountain The Rotarian

Daily News Papers

Dawn TheNews International Mashriq Urdu AAJ Urdu Express Urdu

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