MS Software Engineering(2Years)

The post graduate program in Software Engineering helps to learn advance skills in software engineering and prepare the students to take high level jobs in software industry. The program helps academically oriented students who wish to continue education and pursue advance and highly technological aspects of software engineering.

The MS in Software Engineering provides students with marketable skills in methodologies, techniques, and tools of software engineering. The program encompasses the entire life-cycle of software development including requirements analysis, design, construction, testing, and project management. Emphasis is placed on current and emerging technologies for engineering large and complex distributed software systems. 

The thesis/research component of this program provides the students with an opportunity to strengthen the research skills in the relevant field and prepare them for advance study and research work.

The student is required to be opt for degree by undertaking either a 6-credit hours MS thesis or 06 credit hours two courses as per HEC requirements.


To be among the nation’s premier center of excellence for studies and research in Software Engineering.

The mission of MS software Engineering 02 years program is to equip the students with the required principles, tools, techniques and skills in the relevant field and to produce software engineers having state-of-the-art skills. It is aimed to prepare the students to learn independently in a constantly changing discipline.

MS in Software Engineering (MSSE) Program aims to produce graduates:

having a broad academic and industrial perspectives and hands on experience of designing, developing and maintaining state of the art software products.

can play a leading role in the local as well as global software industry by acting as Software designer and manager.

Having the ability to carry on research in the field of Computer Science, particularly in Software Engineering.

Having Awareness of and adherence to the social and ethical responsibilities of the scientific and engineering profession.

Prepare students with a theoretical software engineering background and applied

research needed to enter a doctorate program in software engineering.


Minimum Duration 02 Years

Maximum Duration 04 Years

Semesters 04  ( 02 Semesters per year )

Credit hours 30


To become eligible for award of MS degree in Software Engineering, a student must satisfy the following requirements:

must have earned CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of at least 2.5

on a scale of 4.0.

must have studied and passed the prescribed courses, totaling at least 30 credit hours


must have studied and passed the 24 credit hours of courses from the

prescribed course list and successfully completed 6 credit hours of

Thesis/Research Work.


BS Degree in relevant subject (CS or SE or Computer System Engineering) or MCS or M.Sc (CS) or equivalent earned from a recognized university after 16 years of education with at least 60% marks or CGPA of at least 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0)


Major Area Credit Hours

Core Courses 09

Elective Courses 15

Thesis OR Two Elective courses 06

Total Credit Hours 30