Pro-Director Message

Pro Director Message

Major (R) Hassan Shah Afridi


Keeping in view the fast changing world, BRAINS College of Technology has reviewed its mission, to produce 5000 skilled and technologically sound professionals during the period from May, 2016 to May 2018. The idea is to equip the KPK youth with such a confidence and professional competence that the development of this province is geared up after consistent misères and setbacks for the last 30 years or so. Our vision is very clear. The strength of nations in modern age is based on the financial and material stamina of their countries. But the financial and material strength of any country is directly proportional to the Technological Might, Commercial Discipline and National Behaviour towards their prosperities and objectives. In order to reach for such objectives and priorities, BRAINS has decided to reorganize ourselves and our talented students with various novel and educational commitments. We desire to own our students for longer and sustainable relationship including their readjustments for professional opportunities. This has been made possible with well-groomed up staff and thoroughly sorted out Strategic and Environmental Plans for our education system.

BRAINS is one of the pioneers in this province for the last 24 years or so and will now provide a platform for launching our students to reach for specialization in various fields of technologies.

To provide an equal opportunity to our women folk, we have decided to extend a liberal policy for admission to junior as well as senior classes of girls with maximum discount, privileges, care and consoling. Our women folk is not lacking potential and intellectual fibre as compare to women from other provinces but they are to be given more exposure of education and modern social up gradation. Maximum seats are reserved for girls in Pre medical, Pre engineering, Computer science and Humanity groups. I appreciate that parents and student both will revive their trust on us and encourage us by allowing their children to be polished and equipped for a better future.