To inculcate BRAINS University as a global leader in innovative research technology for future generation and sustainable development.

We strive for excellent in innovative technology research via advanced facility, national and internal collaboration and creative minds of the potential leader for the nation building and sustainable development.

The Research and Development Office of BRAINS University has the objective of

  • To promote the innovative research in science and technology via modern tools and resources to facilitate the capability building and new discovery in intensified research areas.
  • Provide networking and linkages with national and international institutions research collaboration.
  • Facilitate the research commercialization, intellectual property, publication and research dissemination of the research output.

Prof. Dr. Asna Muhammad Zain

PhD (Civil) Chair person (Civil) 

Prof. Dr. Fazal Rabi

Ph.D (France)

Prof. Dr. Abdul Qayyum

Ph.D (University Of Peshawar)

Dr. Rashid Jalal

Associate Professor Ph.D (CS) France

Dr.Iftikhar Ahmad

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (Finance)

Dr. Muhammad Anees Khan

Assistant Professor
Ph.D (UTP) Malaysia

Dr. Taimur Khan

Assistant Professor
Post Doc, PhD (UTP)