BRAINS admission criteria shall be strictly based and aligned with the advice of Competent authorities regulating higher education in the province and the country or directives of the professional Councils, created for the purpose.
Admission to any discipline will be conducted before the beginning of each term, and will be completed two weeks before the commencement of the term. These will be strictly based on merit of the candidates determined by internal process of admission comprising of written test and interviews conducted by Admission and Examination committees, of the respective faculty and department.
Students from other institutions may transfer previous credits for formal courses if these are equivalent to the courses, which are part of our degree programs. BRAINS Institute reserves the right to accept or refuse the granting of any advance standing through credit of previous credits according to the student’s records. The admissions to the BRAINS Institute are open to all candidates. Candidates for admission at BRAINS Institute are considered without any reference to their race, color, religion, origin and political affiliation.

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